Unlock the Potential: Investment Property at 4129 Avenue H, Fort Worth, TX

Discover a golden opportunity for investors in Fort Worth, Texas – the remarkable investment property located at 4129 Avenue H. Boasting a favorable price point and immense potential, this property is poised to become a lucrative addition to your portfolio.

investment property in fort worth
A Prime Investment Property at 4129 Avenue H, Fort Worth, TX

Property Overview: Nestled in a serene neighborhood, the investment property at 4129 Avenue H offers an enticing proposition for investors seeking high returns. Encompassing a total of 974 square feet on an expansive 8,799-square-foot lot, this traditional wood-constructed home, built in 1952, lays the groundwork for a promising investment opportunity.

Features and Investment Prospects: This property features two bedrooms and one bathroom, providing a solid foundation for a potentially profitable investment. The true allure lies in the generously sized backyard, presenting not only an area for potential landscaping enhancements but also the opportunity for expansion. The listing emphasizes the option to add a third bedroom and a half bathroom without compromising the existing garage space. Alternatively, a garage conversion could yield a third bedroom and a full second bathroom. This adaptable layout caters to diverse renters and enhances the property’s income-generating potential.

Location Advantage and Neighborhood Insights: Situated in a tranquil neighborhood in Fort Worth, the investment property enjoys proximity to amenities while benefiting from the peaceful surroundings. Its strategic location, coupled with the potential for customization, positions it as a sought-after rental property. The presence of well-maintained homes in the vicinity adds value to this investment, fostering a positive atmosphere for potential tenants.

Considerations for Investors: It’s essential to acknowledge that this property requires comprehensive renovations and cosmetic updates. This attribute, however, presents a unique opportunity for savvy investors who thrive on transforming properties. With an opportunity to craft a distinct living space, this property is a canvas for realizing your investment vision.

Investment Potential: Priced at $119,000, the investment property at 4129 Avenue H aligns with the financial goals of astute investors. Whether you’re an experienced real estate professional or a newcomer to the investment landscape, the property’s potential for customization and its location within a stable neighborhood make it an enticing prospect.

Conclusion: 4129 Avenue H in Fort Worth, TX, embodies the essence of a prime investment property. With its versatile layout, expansive yard, and promise of customization, this property stands ready to become a lucrative venture. If you’re an investor who recognizes the hidden potential that lies within properties, this address could be the cornerstone of your success. Embrace the challenge, harness your creativity, and seize the remarkable investment opportunity that this property presents.

(Disclaimer: The information provided is based on the available details from the provided text and is not a substitute for professional real estate advice. Before making any investment decisions, investors should conduct thorough research and consult with experienced real estate professionals.)

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