What Happens If My Dallas and Fort Worth Property Taxes Are Not Paid On Time?

Missing mortgage payments isn’t the only way you can lose your home. Falling behind on your Dallas and Fort Worth property taxes– no matter whether you owe thousands or just a few hundred dollars – also puts you at risk of foreclosure.

In fact, tax lien foreclosures take place every day in America. When you don’t pay property taxes you owe, the City of Dallas and Fort Worth have the legal right to put a high-priority tax lien on your property in the amount of the past due taxes, plus interest and penalties.  After a set period of time – typically anywhere from six months to two years, if your Dallas and Fort Worth property taxes are still unpaid, the taxing authority’s tax lien gives them the right to foreclose on your property. Your home then gets sold at an auction to anyone willing to pay off the back taxes due.

Can I stop the foreclosure process?

If you want to stop the foreclosure process, it can be “cured” by paying off all your Dallas and Fort Worth property taxes at any time before the sale takes place. Paying all of the taxes that are due will release the lien and stop the foreclosure process.  However, if you are not able to cure the delinquency, then your Dallas and Fort Worth property will be sold at public auction and the highest bidder will be able to purchase it. Their bid has to be enough to cover all the judgment or be equal to the market value of the home. Whoever wins the bid will get the title to your home. In Dallas and Fort Worth, you can still redeem your property for two years after the deed has been filed in county records. But in order to redeem your property, you have to reimburse the winner of the bid, or the highest bidder, for all they paid including the purchase price, taxes and anything else they were responsible for paying.

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